Automatic Fish Feeder

Automatic fish feeder is widely used for automatically fish feeding, especially for big fishpond, reservoir, or lake aquaculture. The fishery feeder includes a programmable timer and rechargeable battery.

The Characteristics of fishery feeder:
1. All stainless steel machine body, more beautiful, more strong, and durable.
2. Adopts Premium Digital Timer, the feeding time and quantity can be adjusted by microcomputer, to save more labor charge.
3. The machine is fitting for all kinds of pellet feed, the size from 1mm to 10mm.
4. Feeding radius: Small pellet feed distance is 1-15 meters, the feeding distance of large particles is 1-30 meters.

Automatic fish feeder installation
Mount it 2-3′ off the water on any dock, stationary post, or use our swinging bank mount assembly.  It holds 50 lbs. of floating fish food pellets and consists of an stainless steel body.  It can be mounted off deck so it does not use up any valuable deck space, yet it is easily accessed for filling or setting the timer.
Growing bigger fish faster requires an effective feeding strategy. Utilizing a reliable feeder to accurately dispense the feed is the foundation of your successful feeding program. 

Automatic fish feeder advantages
Utilizing a reliable fish feeder to accurately program and dispense fish feed is the foundation of your successful feeding program. The Fish Feeder has a dual stage timer, two motors, and a patented system that will ensure the performance necessary for a successful program. 

Utilizing a high velocity air stream to project feed pellets into the water, the Fish Feeder is a high efficiency directional feeder. The Premium Digital Timer, a unique feature to our product, controls a dual motor system introducing a metered flow of feed into the blower assembly.

automatic fish food feeder main technical data
Model Dimension Power Feed box volume Feeding distance Fan angle Fit for water area Max feeding capacity
LIMA-01 43*43*90cm 120kw 60kg 1-15M 130 1-2acre 160kg/H
LIMA-02 47*47*100cm 180kw 80kg 1-18M 130 2-3acre 160kg/H
LIMA-03 55*66*100cm 180kw 100kg 1-18M 130 3-4acre 160kg/H

automatic fish food feeder

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